Cloud Card / Study Mode Integration with Quizlet

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The cloud cards are wonderful for students (K-12 and college). The ability to write and draw is very helpful, especially when one can integrate it with technology features. Quizlet offers digital flashcards (index cards) where users can learn content by gaming or taking exams. Quizlet has fabulous features to monitor progress and lots of schools promote this program for students. Quizlet does not allow drawing or penmanship as you do. Quizlet lacks the ability to import your cards full size - and to show both sides. Is there a way for your company to create a way to integrate with Quizlet, or to enhance your study mode option for your Rocketbook app to allow progress monitoring like Quizlet does?

Under consideration App Feature App Integration Suggested by: Erika Upvoted: 27 Apr Comments: 8

Comments: 8