Limited Privacy Scope for Dropbox Integration

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The current Dropbox integration (circa July 2018) requires "Full Dropbox," which is too broad (and dangerous from a privacy standpoint) and is not necessary for implementing its functionality.

Here is what "Full Dropbox" access means: "This app has full read/write access to any file inside the user's Dropbox." This access level is scarily broad and unnecessary for Rocketbook app to do its job.

Rocketbook should implement its functionality with the most restrictive access required to do the job. I haven't researched all the Dropbox access options but I believe Rocketbook only needs "write access" to one folder for storing the scans.

Another text processing application, ShareLatex, has implemented Dropbox integration using "App folder" access. This access level is more restrictive: "This app has read/write access only to files inside its folder."

Under consideration App Feature Suggested by: Zia Hydari Upvoted: 08 Feb Comments: 1

Comments: 1