Medical Rounds Templated Rocketbook

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Please develop an oversized pocket sized rocket book for med/surg staff, nurses, CNAs, and medical/nursing students to jot down patient info as they make their rounds. It should be preprinted with a template to be able to jot down vitals, meds, skin condition, orders and other patient info (need enough pages for a 2 pg spread per patient per shift -at least a dozen spreads, with extra pages to jot down other notes and reminders. Due to HIPAA regulations, there may be limitations about using email or private notes apps to upload and transfer patient info to the patient’s electronic file but rocketbook’s pen and paper technology is way better than the write-on wipe off nurse rounds books currently on the market that use white board type markers that are too broad-tipped for detail writing in small format and smear before they dry! There are dozens of paper pdf templates on the market that nurses print for this purpose every day. They need rocketbook version!

Under consideration Page Design Suggested by: Julie Ernst Upvoted: 06 Sep Comments: 7

Comments: 7

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