Margins on lined pages - like traditional notebook paper

I am a math teacher and have LOVED using my Rocketbook Core to record and share my notes all school year. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to use my notebook when doing notes with my middle school classes because my notebook is dotted and not lined. You see, my students are still learning to write on the lines appropriately when solving math problems so I have to model this for them.
The easy fix would be to purchase another notebook but to get a lined one instead. This is still problematic though because my students' lined notebook paper does not look like the lined notebook pages in the Rocketbook.
A notebook with college ruled lines pages that includes margins on all sides would solve this. This way, in the classroom, I can use the Rocketbook and still model to my students how to utilize the margins of their paper to help them be successful.

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Comments: 1

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