Page Pack Rings : allow for opening/closing

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I want to be able to combine the pages from different page packs into a single set of rings, so that I have multiple page types available in one set of rings. That way I only have to carry around one set of pages/rings if I'm on the go. Currently the rings are "permanently" crimped and trying to combine page types will likely ruin the rings. Also then a person may only need one set of rings and not get an additional set for each page pack. This also seems to be inline with an overall goal of Rocketbook -- to reduce waste. Everyday is Earth Day!

Another reason: I want to create daily page pack rings, so that I can put my planner page on top along with other page types underneath. Then I can have a day or two available at a time. I can also then see yesterdays plan next to todays plan in order to evaluate & transfer. Right now the pages flip over and I can't see it the used one when I'm working on the next page.

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Comments: 11