Scan Anything with the Rocketbook App

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I just started using a Rocketbook at work. I'm capturing planning session notes and adding to a shared OneNote notebook at work. Problem is that we're midway through the project--my other notes are in a paper notebook and I'd like to digitize those as well. Would be great if I could download (or include in book itself) a "Rocketbook" Border that I could place over my paper notes so that I could digitize those as well. I'm almost at the point of creating a black frame with the QR code to see if I can work a hack for my own use. However, I might be willing to pay a small amount of money to download a pre-configured frame--either a physical frame I could print or, even better, an overlay built into the photo setting within Rocketbook.

Under consideration App Feature Suggested by: alyson Upvoted: 03 Feb Comments: 6

Comments: 6