A Rocketbook Core with More Pages

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I understand that the whole point of Rocketbook is to be erasable and reusable, but as a student using Rocketbook primarily to take notes in class, I run out of pages very quickly - lucky if I last a couple of weeks. I usually upload in bulk and erase in bulk, so doing this every other week (and I have two Rocketbooks) becomes burdensome. I also think that there's benefit in being able to have a physical writing immediately available, at least for some period of time, rather than having to go back to your Cloud to refer to the info.

I would love an option to buy a Rocketbook with more pages (for higher price, naturally), say 128 pages/book version. This will be ideal to jog down information that you want to refer to quickly for many weeks after you wrote it down, that you eventually plan to save on Cloud.

Under consideration Physical Product Request Suggested by: Asami Upvoted: 10 Feb Comments: 3

Comments: 3