Planner with full month and daily in 15 minute increments with to do list/budget

This would be in the style of an appointment book for those who have schedules or those who want to get better at keeping a set schedule. This could replace any form of calendar as well as appointment tools for those who love to write out their schedule daily, weekly, or monthly. I picture this to replace my Franklin Covey Daily/Weekly/Monthly planner and it would be so much more cost-effective to not have to buy new pages for it every single year. It would even have an area for task lists and a place to check those tasks off. It could lead the tasks into different categories such as “Top priority-must be done today/this week”, “2nd string-must Be done this month”, “3rd string-Must be done this season/quarter/year”. Perhaps it even has a area for keeping budget for monthly bills and a pocket built-in or a zipper compartment for storing receipts until the user takes a picture of them to keep things organized for taxes. This could come in a smaller planner size as well as the 8.5 x 11

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