Chromebook Scanning Compatibility

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Chromebook compatibility with the Rocketbook app varies. If the Chromebook operating system supports Android apps, there is a good chance that the Rocketbook app is available from the Google Play Store. In general, the Rocketbook app works on Chromebooks that meet the following criteria:

Dual camera
Tablet mode
Ability to access and download apps from the Google Play Store
Ability to run Android apps

If you own a compatible device, the first thing you should do is update your Chromebook software. Your Chromebook must run Chrome OS version 53 and up. Head over to your Chromebook settings and check the box for “Enable Google Play Store on your Chromebook” in the “Google Play Store” section.

As of now, we've tested and confirmed the following Chromebooks are compatible with downloading and using the Rocketbook app:

The Google Pixel Slate
The HP Chromebook x360

Of course, there could be others that work, but those are the 2 that we can confirm for sure work!

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Comments: 3